No Direction

No Direction is our 70ft Narrowboat which is now home to my wife Jayne and myself, it was launched on 4th February 2008.

We spend the Winters in a Marina and cruise in the warmer weather.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Trees are Taking Over.

Monday 8th October 2012.
Braunston to Sutton Stop.
24 Miles and 4 Locks.

It rained Saturday and Sunday nights although dry during the day so this morning we had wet, muddy ropes to untie when we set off, lovely.

We hadn't planned how far we wanted to go today and probably carried on for too long in the end.

Waterways Recovery Group were busy bricklaying at bridges 79 and 80 which are being repaired after being left so long they were in danger of collapsing. I knew they were WRG brickies before I asked as one was wearing shorts in October.

About two miles before Hillmorton Locks we caught up with a hireboat going very slow, the crew appeared to be taking turns to steer and almost stopped everytime they changed over, we managed to overtake them going down the three twinned locks with some very rapid lock work.

Why do I think this little group will be hanging around longer than the 14 days allowed.
The North Oxford Canal must be one of the worst for overgrown trees on the offside (opposite side to the towpath),  many places are so narrow due to the encroaching trees we had to give way to oncoming boats several times to avoid wiping everything off the roof and damaging the paintwork, tight bends are particularly difficult, even dangerous.
We're now at Sutton Stop ( Hawksbury Junction) having arrived at 5 o'clock, we were lucky to drop straight onto a good mooring, the day had started bright but ended in rain so we were glad to tie up.


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