No Direction

No Direction is our 70ft Narrowboat which is now home to my wife Jayne and myself, it was launched on 4th February 2008.

We spend the Winters in a Marina and cruise in the warmer weather.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Hot One

Thursday 17 June 2010
Nether Heyford to Whilton
4 Miles No Locks

Last nights mooring was really quiet, on the other side of the canal was a well manicured field with a few touring caravans, this morning a couple of them were packing up as we moved off, the sun was out and it looked like it was going to be a hot one.
The canal meanders a little before it reaches Weedon (I fell in here 2 years ago) then on towards Whilton, the main railway line to London runs paralell with the canal for most of it's route and about a mile from Whilton it is joined by the M1 Motorway on the other side, three transport arteries all together, it is a really nice bit of canal to cruise along despite the noise from the motorway and fortunately we will be doing it again in a couple of weeks time after the Braunston Historic Boat Rally  when we head south again. 
The one problem that affects all canal boats when only covering a short distance is battery charging so when we moored opposite Whilton Marina for the night we left the engine running for a little longer until the battery monitor read the magic 100%. we havn't decided what to do tomorrow yet, we may move a little closer to Braunston or stay here for another night, we will decide in the morning after breakfast. (It's a hard life!!!)

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