No Direction

No Direction is our 70ft Narrowboat which is now home to my wife Jayne and myself, it was launched on 4th February 2008.

We spend the Winters in a Marina and cruise in the warmer weather.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Back to Rain.

Monday 30th July 2012.
The Globe Inn to Cosgrove.
17.5 Miles 5 Locks.

Volunteer Lockie's on Soulbury locks this morning, two this time so we had little to do, at the next, Stoke Hammond Lock we were third in a queue but we were soon down and heading for Fenny Stratford.

Leaving Stoke Hammond Lock.

We've had two huge downpours today, each one only lasted fifteen minutes but it really came down, I didn't have a waterproof with me when the first one started and Jayne had to pass a jacket out to me but I was ready for the second one. 

The last lock of the day was Fenny Stratford, the lock only drops the Canal thirteen inches but it has a swing bridge between the top and bottom gates which makes it a bit awkward, today the bridge had been left in the open position.

Next to the lock are rubbish bins provided for the use of boaters, when we went past last week the bins were overflowing, today there weren't many bins left.

At least it hasn't damaged the Water tap or Elsan disposal.

Tonight we are moored at Cosgrove again and heading for Stoke Bruerne tomorrow.

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