No Direction

No Direction is our 70ft Narrowboat which is now home to my wife Jayne and myself, it was launched on 4th February 2008.

We spend the Winters in a Marina and cruise in the warmer weather.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

We Feel Really Sorry - - - -

- - - for all you lot who still have to go to work in weather like this, but don't worry we're enjoying it for you.

Yesterday evening we helped put a large Marquee up in one of the fields which will be used this weekend as part of the Village at War Festival, don't know what's going in it but we will find out Saturday.

Today we went for a walk, Stoke Bruerne is a real visitor honeypot, there's always plenty of people around, some with tape recorders (or the modern equivalent) pinned to their ear as they follow the tour route down past the locks one side of the canal, cross over the bridge at back up the other side to the Village.

We went up towards the Tunnel and had a look in the Blacksmith's workshop, it's run by Bob Nightingale in a building know as the "Tug Store" close to the Tunnel, Bob is hard of hearing due to forty years of hammering and banging so he needs to see your face for a bit of lip reading.

He has various bits of his work on display and we bought these "things" in the picture below.

They are for mooring up against Piling or Armco what ever it's called, we normally use chains which pass around the Armco and the mooring rope goes through a ring on the chain, the problem is that you have to get down really low to get the chain in position, I toppled into the Canal three years ago whilst mooring at Weedon and nearly went in again a couple of days ago.

These mooring legs, as I have now decided to call them, drop down through the Armco and due to their length and weight stay in position, you can also pass the rope through the eye before you drop them into the Armco, I have only seen one other boater using them although the Blacksmith did say that some hireboats have them.

While I carried our "mooring legs" back to the boat Jayne stayed around the Museum area, there was a reporter/cameraman with his equipment set up taking videos of what was going on, he was interviewing Geraldine from the Cheese Boat as we went past and then he caught Jayne and asked her a few question's, the last time I saw him he was stood in front of the camera doing his final piece, a very professional one man reporting crew, he was from Anglia Television which is broadcast in this area so we will watch the local news tomorrow night.

This afternoon we sat out on the towpath next to the boat watching the world go by, the whole length of towpath between locks 15 and 16 is now full with moored boats so we will probably have someone moored along side soon, with this weather forecast to last over the weekend it looks like it's going to be busy.

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